Event planning

First-class companies need first-class teams, and a good group-building activity can bring unlimited reserve capacity to the team, so as to create more company value.
  • Company team building

  • Group outdoor activities

  • Annual meeting planning

  • Employee welfare activities

  • Romantic wedding

  • Student Summer/Winter Camp

  • Thematic activities

  • Mini study abroad

Private journeys

Private ordering is a one-to-one service way of traveling according to the customer's wishes. As long as you want, OCEANSTU will customize the travel plan according to your needs with a unique planning route, and provide you a easy and freedom journey with a wholehearted effort. With years of experience, OCEANSTU focuses on creating private high-end vacations, business trips and sweet honeymoons in Europe or around the world. Our best travel experts will customize your travel plans to your needs and tastes. In order to make private customers feel the difference of high-end customized services, we also offer you private luxury places, luxury yachts, exclusive helicopters, star hotels, exquisite villas and other special arrangements. Whether you are a family vacation, a romantic getaway, an adventure place or any special event, we can do our best to arrange it for you.

Intimate parent-child group

Someone always asks why you should bring your child to travel together? Because love requires a sense of ritual, because companionship is not quiet and speechless. With the companionship of parents, childhood is the most memorable. OCEANSTU provides the most intimate parent-child service, so that parents and daddy are happy to punch cards on the world map! In places where you can reach, you will leave a happy footprint for the whole family. We will divide into groups according to the different age of the children, and customize the small group to stay intimate, so that parents can rest assured and let the children happy.

High-end customized group

A group of 6 people, with upgrading happiness index, accompanied by the guide during whole trip. Theme travel, free to go Local food experience Flexible and freely regulated OCEANSTU can take you wherever you want to go, from helicopters in the clear skies to luxury yachts, lush forests in spring, flaming beaches in summer, romantic castles in autumn, Ice-covered snow-capped mountains in winter.

Romantic wedding

The uniform wedding photos of the photo studio can no longer meet the needs of the young man of the contemporary. A set of exotic traveling wedding photos is definitely the first choice, to leave the most beautiful scene for the love of a lifetime.
Princess-like carriage
Old castle in fairy tale
Foreign customs